Binder Mechanical Consulting is a trade name registered with the State of Colorado.  It covers the consulting activities of Jim Shepherd.

My consulting practice primarily focuses on "first level" product failure analysis.  To clarify:  a major part of my practice involves investigating a product failure and recommending further action for the client to consider.  For many of my cases, I can continue to function as the lead investigator (or in the case of litigation, expert witness).  In some cases my recommendation will involve additional investigation by consultants with specific expertise in the analysis.

My expertise is based on almost 50 years of hands-on trouble shooting and failure analysis of mechanical components on automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment.  The practical experience I bring to the case is generally sufficient for the client to make decisions on remedial design work or litigation. 

Contact Information:

Jim Shepherd

Phone and Text:  303-478-3501

Email:  jim@bindermc.com

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